Planning your Wedding Amid Covid-19 - From the Fashion Station News Desk.

With the World Health Organization calling COVID-19 a pandemic, countries around the world have placed travel bans and restricted public meetings. Couples who have arranged their weddings this season have a hard choice to make, either postponing the wedding to a later date or scheduling it as planned in the coronavirus setting.

Here we give tips on how to arrange and plan your wedding with the choices available on the scheduled date

Tips to wedding planning:

Before you chalk out wedding plans, keep posted and informed about the latest Covid-19 changes and guidelines and what’s allowed and restricted for your case.

Respect the laws and rules for your safety and the safety of family and guests.

Keep it casual, limit the number of guests to be invited to the wedding, and minimize the size of your crowd to the family and friends nearby.

Give an online invitation or a pair’s virtual video welcoming the guests to their wedding.

Keep the local environment in mind when you prepare your wedding.

Connect digitally with your vendors-book your wedding venue online with several vendors offering you the option of 360 visual walk-through the venue to gain a practical understanding of the size and scale of available spaces.

You may even schedule your wedding at home, thus saving you the expense of the venue.

Shop your wedding dress with a plethora of online wedding trousseau choices

Buying your wedding jewelry: Several jewelry shops are now opened with the social gap in place, but we still have the option of selecting online wedding jewelry.

Last but not least, have available sanitizers and wipes everywhere and ask your guests to wear a mask when they attend the wedding and follow the guidelines.

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We are working for Youth and Women Empowernment and other Social Issues.