How Straight Up Growth Turns Growing Brands Into Market Leaders

Amazon continues to develop and rapidly expand as a leading force across multiple areas of business. Having an ever-growing monopoly as a sales place and delivery service, the untapped potential for brands that are not fully utilizing it can be huge, and a real game-changer for their business.

One agency that helps brands reach their full potential for growth and success is StraightUpGrowth. The mission of the company is to help brands reach their amazon sales targets. Their services range from Amazon advertising like sponsored posts, ad campaigns, and organic ranking strategies, as well as working on Google ads, social media ads, search engine optimization, and analytics measurement.

Fierce Competition

They also focus on growing brands in the most competitive categories on Amazon, which CEO Evan J. Kesner says “turns them into market leaders quickly”. Boasting a top team with extensive knowledge of advertising on Amazon, reviews, brand awareness and organic rankings, the solutions which are tailored to client goals allows them to move “miles ahead” of the competition.

A Rising Star

One team member, Daniel Tejada, is an Amazon Growth expert. He has driven over a staggering $500M in sales on Amazon and spent over $20M in sales on the Amazon channel. The proof of the quality of his work is in the results, having taken brands from $12,000 to $1M a month in just 12 months. The agency has worked with numerous clients both big and small, from dog toy companies and healthcare brands to Subaru, P&G, and Nestlé.

An Edge Over the Competition

The company also doesn’t fall into the same barrel as its agency and advertising competitors. StraightUpGrowth doesn’t just manage advertising campaigns on Amazon, but creates a marketing solution, based on detailed analysis, looking at both the product and a brand as a whole. Kesner emphasizes “we don’t think of Amazon as a marketplace, we think of Amazon as a search engine, the largest product search engine in the world.”

With a small but expert team, they have led numerous brands to success they didn’t know was possible before tapping into such a crucial part of the market. There really is only so much navigating in the dark that a business can do before taking the next step and making the decision to recruit experts to optimize their brand’s advertising and sales potential.

Kesner’s passion for the work and dedication to helping brands grow is evident with the company’s mission to “help good people grow good online businesses”.

We are working for Youth and Women Empowernment and other Social Issues.

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